South African Biltong

FINEST Biltong can also be gluten free, sugar free with NO e numbers and packs a wallop in protein levels !

South African Biltong can be made here in the UK. For the best South African Biltong recipes, use the finest prime beef from local, closed-herd, grass fed cattle. Biltong flavours include Original, Chilli, Peri-Peri and Garlic.

Biltong Facts

Other Biltong versions come in Halal biltong and Venison biltong, gluten Free Biltong and sugar free biltong.

Dry wors / droewors and boerewors are another South African treat made from beef/pork.

Biltong was born out of necessity. Dutch settlers, ‘Voortrekkers‘, found a way to store meat without it going off by hanging the meat to dry.

It soon became hard on the outside while capturing rich flavour on the inside. Not only that, there are some biltong amazing nutritional results too. Biltong is used by sports centers, athletes and gym goers, including some high profile body builders.

When making Biltong, make sure you think how you like it, wet, medium or dry, some fat or no fat.

Most ‘red-blooded’ South Africans eat wet Biltong with some fat.