What is Biltong

Biltong is a simple, but wonderful food. Basically, it’s dried beef, flavoured with salt, herbs and spices. It is often confused with Beef Jerky, but they are worlds apart! Biltong is made using silversides of […]

Taking Care Of Your Biltong

Storing your biltong is important to enjoying your Biltong at its best. At Love Biltong, we love making Biltong so much as we enjoy eating it. We are sticklers for using the correct methods and […]

How To Make Biltong Potato Salad

Biltong Potato Salad Ingredients 1 kg / 4.5 lbs Potatoes, boiled until just tender 125 – 250 g / 6 – 9 oz Sliced Biltong 2 onions, chopped 125 g / 5 oz button mushrooms, […]

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